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Deep Tissue Therapy In Surrey

Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center is the place you can come to when you are in need of deep tissue therapy in Surrey. Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy® (SDTT) is an effective system of musculo-skeletal therapy originated and developed by Armand Ayaltin DNM, RHP, RMT, over a period of 35 years and still progressively under development. Fact finding and problem solving are some of the unique features of SDTT®.

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy® or “SDTT®” is a form of complete manual medicine. Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy® is a vigorous manual therapy that aims to restore the body back to optimal alignment by addressing deep muscles without the use of high pressure. Layers of adjustments and compensations are worked through in an efficient, effective manner with assessment and treatment being seamlessly integrated. This approach involves addressing a patient’s complaint in the context of their whole body, thus avoiding “chasing the problem around”. …involves looking at a patient’s pain and dysfunction in the context of their entire body to address the source of the problem and thus avoid simply chasing the problem around.

By returning a person’s body to optimal alignment, they are returned to a state of healthy efficiency (contracted muscles take up a lot of energy!) and even internal organs are given their proper space to function optimally. Layers of adjustments and accommodations the body has made over time to various postures, activities, injuries and emotional states are worked through. SDTT® addresses not only muscles but also joints, fascia, ligaments, tendons, nerves, circulation, and (indirectly) internal organs.

The Benefits Of SDTT® To The Patient

The conscientious therapist will strive to make optimal use of its principles; designed to unravel the puzzle of muscle related structural pain and discomfort. Natural therapies which work for and with the body are dynamic processes that support and enhance the body's own efforts of healing itself. Consequently, they have to be adaptable and responsive to the ever-changing characteristics of a malfunctioning (diseased) physical structure. What this means is that, done properly, SDTT® can potentially keep up to date with the patient's recovery process and tailor the treatment accordingly.

Systematic Deep Tissue Therapy®

Massage For Muscle Fitness

Muscles are supposed to contract in order to perform a task at any given time. Upon completion of that task they are supposed to relax. In as much as this procedure can be repeated indefinitely, without any or much problem, a muscle can be said to be fit. In real life muscles are often driven hard to do repetitive jobs which tax their reserves to the limit. That's where they lose their fitness to do what they are supposed to do-which is contract and relax. We end up with muscles which are at different stages of constant contraction, fibrous and scarred. But help is at hand. Fortunately for us, massage-manual therapy was invented centuries ago just for the muscles and the whole human structure and body-"being".


In its approach to chronic or acute pain and tension, the entire pattern of musculoskeletal involvement is assessed and treatment strategies formulated. The commonality of SDTT® with other types of physical therapy lies only in its manual delivery of the treatment. Everything else is based on principles of "systemic" structural deviations with all of the three dimensional implications that are inherent in such patterns. Key compensation sites of the body, believed to condition and underlie the patient's symptoms, are determined and addressed each session.


Refers to the ability of the different techniques to access the level of dysfunctional muscle tissue. Deep must not be confused with high pressure.


From a natural medicine perspective, therapy must not be intrusive, or "imposing" of a predetermined solution. Natural therapy prods the body/"being" into finding its own solution to its health problem. Natural Therapeutics subscribes to the vitalistic principle of life, meaning, biological systems are equipped with a life-sustaining and self-healing vital energy. Simply put, according to this view, disease is regarded as an obstruction in the process or pathway of efficient physiologic function. Vital energy can deal with ordinary, non-life threatening disruptions in health.

In more serious conditions, Natural Therapies offer different means of obstacle removal from the path of the vital energy for it to circulate freely, in order to accomplish its mission of self-healing. The purpose of natural therapy therefore, is to facilitate the triggering of the healing reflexes of the patient's body.

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Take A Look At The Video Below To Learn More About Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy®, And How It Works.

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy®

If you want to get rid of muscle-related structural pain and discomfort, we are here to help you.

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