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Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or are suffering from a sports-related injury or the painful effects of a debilitating illness, physiotherapy can aid you along your road to recovery. Physiotherapy may involve therapeutic exercises specifically designed to help you improve your body’s overall strength, range of motion, or endurance. When you’re looking for experienced physiotherapists in Langley and Cloverdale, consider the Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center for all your needs. Our physiotherapists, Fadi, Uma, Seema, and Oluwa, are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness and mobility goals. Each physiotherapist brings a unique background and focus to Clayton Heights, as well as a range of techniques. All of these elements together make it possible for us to successfully treat a wide range of injuries and ailments for our patients.

Aspects to Consider While Choosing Your Physiotherapists

• Registration
The term “Physiotherapist” is a legally protected title and should be used by registered therapists only. He or she must abide by The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators to become a registered therapist in Canada.

• Qualifications

You must check if the therapist has the required qualifications before you start your treatment. The professional must complete educational credentials and qualifications assessments.

Langley and Cloverdale Physiotherapists Work with Patients of All Ages

In addition to therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy may incorporate various techniques, ranging from acupuncture and massage therapy to visceral manipulation, systemic deep tissue therapy®, and functional testing to determine your personal levels of strength and endurance. Our physiotherapists in Cloverdale and Langley work with patients of all ages and from all walks of life. We’ve successfully helped patients recover after various kinds of surgeries and those suffering from arthritis or repetitive strain injuries, as well as cared for children with specific conditions. Learn more about how physiotherapy works and who our physiotherapists treat.

The Many Benefits of Physiotherapy for Your Health

Our physiotherapists in Langley and Cloverdale look out for the well-being of our patients first and foremost. If you’re on the fence about consulting one of our physiotherapists, you should know that there are many known benefits to physiotherapy, including:

  • You should see a noticeable improvement in your overall quality of life – This may mean your ability to return to work, sports, and your other daily activities. It can also mean increased motion, endurance, and/or strength. Physiotherapy ensures a steady, sustainable process for repairing your body’s ailments.
  • You should see a decrease in your levels of pain – If you’ve experienced pain from a treatment or injury, you should notice significant decreases in your pain’s levels of intensity.
  • Physiotherapy has been used to treat a variety of conditions – Patients with asthma, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, damaged spinal cords, and chronic heart diseases have all used physiotherapy to help aid in their recoveries. Those with musculoskeletal problems involving their backs and/or necks are also often treated using physiotherapy.

Contact Our Physiotherapists in Cloverdale and Langley

When you become a Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center patient, you can rest assured that our physiotherapy treatment plan will always be as unique as you are. That’s because we customize each method of treatment to each patient’s needs and monitor their progress over time, making any necessary adjustments as we deem fit. All we ask is for your active participation in order to make the treatment plan more successful. Do you still have questions for our physiotherapists in Cloverdale and Langley? If so, we strongly encourage you to contact us to speak to a member from our knowledgeable team who should be able to answer your questions and/or address any of your concerns. Our physiotherapists and entire team look forward to working with you!

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