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Pain Management Chiropractic Services In Cloverdale And Langley

Sometimes, “the struggle is real,” as the saying goes. Pain can keep you away from many of the things you enjoy, such as going to the park with the kids, visiting with friends, or putting in a full 40 hours at work. At Clayton Heights Physio, we understand how pain can take away from all the things you love and need to do. We’d like to extend an invitation to visit Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center. Whether you’ve been dealing with neck pain, back pain, or recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you’ve come to the right place. We are your reliable chiropractic service providers in Cloverdale and Langley.

With Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center’s chiropractor, our residents can discover true relief from persistent pain and mobility issues. So, why choose chiropractic care? Whether you are an athlete, a physical labourer, or just someone who wants to get back to a time when pain or injury didn’t dictate his/her life activities, chiropractic care can be of great assistance.

What Is Chiropractic, Exactly?

As a specialized field of healthcare, chiropractic works with disorders found in the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. These types of disorders can lead to a number of issues, such as:

Joint pain
Back pain
Neck pain
And more

Benefits Of Routine Chiropractic Care

If you think chiropractic care can only cure neck and back pain, it might not be true. Chiropractic treatment improves a variety of health conditions, including migraines and foot pain. It also realigns the spine and enhances your immunity. Check out some other health benefits from this therapy:


Effective way to get rid of pain
Chiropractic care helps in reducing the pain better than many medications. It also gives relief from issues such as – sciatica, neck pain, ear infection, and more. Instead of reaching for medications, consider consulting with our team of professionals.
Treatment at the source
This type of care aids in reversing the cause of the pain, whereas many medicines attack the symptoms and not the source.
No medication needed
Consumption of multiple medicines may have both positive and negative effects on your body. Chiropractic care— on the other hand— is a drug-free approach that helps patients maintain a healthy body.
Complements other treatment procedures
Without any drugs involved, it complements every therapeutic care in existence.

How Chiropractic Care Works

Through a chiropractic practitioner, sometimes referred to as a “chiropractor,” patients can receive manual manipulation and spinal manipulation. These are performed by hand through the use of controlled force to allow joints to become more mobile and relieve stress on focused tissues, nerves, and muscles.

You have most likely performed a chiropractic-type of exercise when tugging on your finger to relieve pressure on the joint. You felt relieved, right? Chiropractic works in a similar way but involves more complicated, sensitive systems, such as the spine’s vertebrae and discs.

Personalized Care

What sets us apart is the hands-on approach we provide to all of our patients. Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center will take the time to carefully inspect your symptoms and get a run-down of your medical history. Our years of experience and cutting-edge equipment allow us to devise personalized treatment plans for you. Our chiropractors in Langley don't follow a cookie-cutter approach for every patient. We craft a customized treatment plan for every client instead. Through this approach, we can handle the concerns of all kinds of people, including athletes, non-athletes, and weekend warriors. We can treat various problems with a focus on adjusting your musculoskeletal structure to encourage healing and provide pain relief. 

If you have any questions about our customized chiropractic care in Cloverdale, please reach out to us today!


What Do I Expect at My First Appointment?

At Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center, we will provide you with a one-on-one experience with your chiropractor. We follow a methodological approach, and on your first visit, we will conduct a detailed examination to determine the source of your pain. We will examine the areas on your body that are not functioning optimally. Once this is over, we will create a treatment plan for you.


How Many Visits Will I Need?

When it comes to chiropractic care, everybody has different requirements. The number of visits you will require depends entirely on factors such as your treatment goals, the severity of your symptoms, and the cause of your issues. To get a clearer idea of the duration of your treatment, please schedule an appointment with us.


How Much Will My Chiropractic Treatment Cost?

Like with its duration, there is no set standard for the cost of chiropractic treatment. The cost of your treatment will depend on considerations such as the methods used, the way your body responds, and what you want out of the treatment. At Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Centre, we pride ourselves on providing reasonably priced chiropractic services in Cloverdale without compromising on quality.


Is Chiropractic Treatment Invasive?

No. Chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive form of treatment for musculoskeletal issues, and in many cases, is a reliable alternative to surgery and medication.

If you have any questions for our chiropractors in Langley, please send them to us. We will respond to you promptly.

Find Relief — Request Chiropractic Care In Clayton Heights

Whether you’re in the Clayton Heights neighbourhood, or anywhere in the Surrey area, you’re just a short drive to finding relief from joint, back, neck, and headache pain — call Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center to experience our quality chiropractic services in Cloverdale and Langley.

Chiropractic Services Near Me

We are conveniently located on the Surrey-Langley border, in Clayton Heights at Hillcrest Crossing.

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