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James Najman, Registered Kinesiologist

James graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley with a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Minor in Communications. He worked as a student trainer with the men's soccer team and as a kinesiologist under the head Athletic Therapist at the University. James gained valuable experience in treating many types of injuries and demands on the body that come along with playing high-level sports. James also played on the men's soccer team for 5 years in the CIS division and now plays in the Men's Premier League with Croatia. James has a special interest in rehabilitation as at a young age he has dealt with injuries, surgeries, and Crohn's Disease. He learned that keeping your body at its best is so important for overall health. After overcoming many challenges, not only does he find Kinesiology fascinating, but also shares his story through an organization called "Gut Inspired". The organization hosts motivational speaking seminars and raises thousands of dollars towards Crohn's and Colitis research.

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