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Michael Brion, Registered Massage Therapist

As a graduate of WCCMT and with his knowledge acquired from the program, Mike believes in the use of manual techniques along with appropriate home care to treat and prevent any further injury. Whether you are looking for therapeutic work due to injury or maintenance as a preventative measure, Mike has the knowledge to help you achieve your treatment goals.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys staying active with an interest in weightlifting and sports. Mike is an active and competitive power-lifter within the British Columbia Powerlifting Association. Mike also spent six years as a construction electrician and as an auxiliary firefighter for the city of Abbotsford. During his years of training and work, Mike had accumulated numerous injuries which caused a decrease in performance and discomfort in his daily life. This led him to seek the help of massage and other manual therapies from which he was able to feel the difference in recovery and benefits of these treatments which ultimately helped him return to activity and restore pain-free living. It was from here that Mike’s interest in fitness and passion to help others led Mike to pursue a career as a massage therapist.

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