Payment Information

Payment Information for Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center

All patients are welcome at our clinic with no referral necessary. For any other rates or fees please call our office.

Extended Health Benefits Information:


Every extended health plan is different. Each company chooses the coverage that they provide to their employees.

*We bill GreatWest Life, Standard Life and Chambers of Commerce for both massage and physiotherapy.

*We bill Industrial Alliance, Johnson Inc, Sunlife, Maximum Benefit and Johnston Group for physiotherapy only

ICBC Information

When you have an ICBC Claim, please remember to give the reception staff the following information:

  • Claim number
  • Doctor's referral
  • Adjuster's name and phone number

Your adjuster will decide and confirm the length and number of appointments for your case.

Payment Information for Physiotherapy:

Initial Visit and Subsequent Visits: $30.00

Payment Information for Massage Therapy:

ICBC will cover registered massage appointments with approval from your adjuster. Coverage is typically for 10 massages for 5 consecutive weeks that must be finished within 8 weeks from the date of your accident with an injury claim.

All visits are paid up to $23.00 for a visit.

Please remember that you are able to book a longer appointment, but the additional cost is to be covered by you at the time of the appointment.

Payment Information for Active Rehab:

ICBC will cover the cost of active rehab with approval from your adjuster for a specified number of appointments.

WCB Information

When you have a WCB claim, please remember to give the reception staff the following information:

  • Approved claim number
  • Doctor’s referral
  • Case worker’s name and phone number

WCB will cover all costs for your appointment until your end date is reached. Please remember to check your coverage information with our reception staff as well.

MSP Information

MSP will cover 10 appointments per calendar year. The 10 appointments are a combined total for physiotherapy, chiropractor, massage therapy, naturopath and non-surgical podiatry.

MSP coverage is only available for patients that are on low income/premium assistance. MSP covers 23.00 per visit which will be taken off the cost of the visit. The remainder is due at the time of your appointment. If you think that you would qualify for premium assistance, please call and verify this with MSP.

Vancouver numbers: 604‑683‑7151 or 1‑800‑663‑7100.

The Clinic can confirm coverage for MSP at the time of your appointment.

RCMP/Veterans Information

For all RCMP officers or veterans, Blue Cross covers most of your appointments for physiotherapy and massage therapy.

Effective January 1, 2014 the following services have a combined maximum allowance of $4,800 per calendar year:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage therapy
  • Physiotherapy
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