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Hae Won (Chloe) Jang, Registered Massage Therapist

Chloe graduated the Registered Massage Therapy Program at CDI College and passed the board exam in 2020 after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography. She has completed 2750 hours of course, which included time at a senior’s facility, which she very much enjoyed. She is very interested in Geriatric, Women’s Health, and Chronic Pain accompanied with mental health and emotional stress.


In her experience to date, she works to promote body awareness and relaxation while decreasing pain and facilitating recovery from injury, both physical and/or emotional. She understands that one approach does not fit all different conditions. She works with patients to encourage an individualized treatment plan to meet their needs and improve their condition.

The modalities Chloe includes in her treatments are: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Joint Mobilizations, Therapeutic Stretches (including PNF), Muscle Energy Techniques, Swedish Deep Tissue Massage and Home Care exercises including strengthening, stretching and hydrotherapy that the patient can handle at home, until the next treatment.

She is a huge animal lover. When she has free time, she can be found playing with her dog and cat. One of her future goals is to work with rescue animals and adoptive animals. She also enjoys Pilates and playing video games.

Hae won (Chloe) Jang
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