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Lauren Ullett, Registered Massage Therapist

Lauren is a recent graduate from West Coast College of Massage who, after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, went on to complete the Massage Therapy Program in the summer of 2017. Lauren enjoys the challenge of treating a variety of conditions, including sports-related injuries, TMJ disorder, pregnancy, orthopaedic, and stress-related conditions. Lauren customizes her massage to suit the needs of her patients and practises Swedish, Sports, or Pregnancy massage while incorporating trigger point and myofascial release therapy as well as joint mobilizations. Lauren believes that coaching patients in home care and specific exercises can be just as effective and important as the therapeutic massage itself. She has a wide range of techniques she teaches that help relieve discomfort and correct imbalances of the body that may be contributing to a client's complaints. As a strong proponent of balanced wellness in body and mind, some of Lauren's passions include weight training, hiking, cooking, meditating, and reading.

Lauren Ullett
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