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The Clayton Heights Sports & Physiotherapy Team

Clayton Heights Sports & Physiotherapy Center wants to help you return to the active, engaged life you once knew. Our team knows that recovering from a motor vehicle accident or sports injury can be a long process, but our dedicated team is determined to helping you improve your mobility and reduce pain, one step at a time.

Our team was recently profiled in Impact Magazine, Canada’s best source of independent sports information. Read our profile below and contact us now to schedule an appointment.

Dave Balfour has a personal stake in getting every client at Clayton Heights Sports and Physiotherapy Centre back in the game, back to work or back to whatever they love to do – fast.

Balfour opened the Clayton Heights clinic after two motor vehicle accidents and many surgeries left him wanting more from his physical therapy experience. His goal was to provide the best level of care possible and for 5 years now, his professional team has been delivering just that.

“Part of our focus is to match patients, based on injuries and personalities, to the practitioners that are best suited to treat them,” Balfour says. “We have an extremely diverse team.”

It includes physiotherapists, massage therapists and professionals in active rehabilitation and acupuncture. The clinic’s team reflects the cultural diversity of his community as well, with practitioners having roots in six continents. Their backgrounds cover everything from osteopathy and internal medicine to dance, athletics and post-surgical healing.

Treatment sessions are one-on-one and hands-on, with the practitioner dedicated to the individual patient’s unique case the entire time. “This allows our practitioners to get to the root of the problem a lot sooner and in fewer appointments,” says Balfour.

Alexander Glazyrin is a registered massage therapist, who goes deep below the surface to evaluate each client.

“I work not only with the muscles, but with the whole body, because the muscles are usually responding to something else that’s going on,” he says. “May aim is to find the problem, wherever it is in the body.”

Practitioners stay abreast of the latest developments in their fields. “We base our clinical judgment on evidence-based practice and keep current with the latest in research and literature,” says physiotherapist Fadi Qawariq. “Treatment techniques always change; we’re constantly trying to improve upon what we do.”

Additional services at the clinic include dry needling, vestibular rehab and vertigo therapy, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation capping and Graston Technique. Athletes, including many runners, count on Clayton Heights.

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