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 Active Rehab/Kinesiology

Active Rehabilitation in Surrey

Active Rehab/Kinesiology

Come to Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center when you are in need of active rehabilitation in Surrey. This process is all about bridging the gap from post-injury limitations back to the active, vibrant lifestyle you once enjoyed, whatever that means for you. With the help of physicians, physios, or time alone, your injury has settled down enough for you to get through most work, school, or light household duties with only mild to moderate discomfort.

Learn how to fast track your rehabilitation so you’re back to doing the things you love! Our goal is to increase the speed and success of your recovery, so you spend less time in the gym and more time living your life.

Through corrective exercise, we incorporate topics such as posture, realignment, core stabilization, body awareness, and proper mechanics into each session.


Active programs are generally started in conjunction with or at the end of physiotherapy treatment. The active rehabilitation program will be customized to enable you to cope with the respective job tasks/functional needs of returning to work. A gradual return to work will be incorporated with the active rehabilitation program to ensure a successful return to work. The program will be effectively managed with proper communication between your physiotherapist, doctor, kinesiologist, ICBC case manager, and lawyer.

Appointments are fully covered through ICBC approved claims. Private one-on-one visits are available for active rehab and/or personal training. Please call for appointment availability.


Kinesiologists work closely with doctors and physiotherapists in evaluating patients, looking at such areas as strength, range of motion, coordination, and balance.


  Exercise provides the best treatment for many types of injuries. Exercise programs are developed based on a patient's specific physical capabilities and potential. Patients are taught exercises to increase strength and improve movement. These exercises can be done by patients on their own at home or at the gym.


  Stabilization therapies help to increase strength and improve body mechanics. Patients learn positions and a neutral posture, which reduce pressure on the lower back. These therapies can help many patients resume their everyday activities and improve their range of motion.


  Movement therapies help a patient regain full movement of all parts of their body. With the help of a kinesiologist, patients learn which movements may cause injury and how to move without risking injury or pain. Therapies include stretching, use of muscles, and understanding the body's rhythms.


  Soft tissue therapies include movements and exercises targeting muscles, ligaments, and connecting tissues.


  Pain control therapies can include heat, ice, and electrical stimulation.


  Education is an important part of any treatment plan. Patients learn proper posture, how to move, how to best perform daily activities like lifting and bending and how to deal with physical limitations. We give patients the ability to continue their exercise and therapy programs on their own by teaching them techniques they can do at home or at the gym.

Restore Your Lifestyle

Our goal is to help you restore your lifestyle with our active rehabilitation and kinesiology services.

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