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What Are Some Things A Physiotherapist Can Do To Help Patients?

Physiotherapist bending the patient leg


There are around 239,800 physical therapists in the world. If you've been injured or need physical therapy, you might be wondering what a physiotherapist can do to help you heal the right way. Below we've compiled some information on how physical therapy can help ease the pain you've been feeling.

What's a Physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist or a physical therapist helps their patients heal from injuries that have caused them to lose motor function or caused increased pain. Not only do they help you heal, but they also help you to improve your mobility. When you're injured, the area of the injury becomes inflamed and causes you to lose mobility. A physiotherapist will walk you through several exercises that will help to lengthen your muscles over time. Now that you know what a physiotherapist does, here are some ways that seeing one will benefit you.

  • Reduction in Pain When you've sustained an injury, sometimes the pain is more than you can bear, causing you to stay in bed. The pain you're experiencing can be a pain that comes and goes, or it can be a pain that is constant. Physiotherapists are trained to use different methods and tools to help their patients reduce and manage the pain they're feeling.

  • Prevention Treatment If you're an athlete, seeing a physiotherapist is all about injury prevention. Ensuring that your body is flexible reduces the likelihood that you will sustain injuries while you're practicing and playing. When your body is not fluid and can move the way it's supposed to, it can cause tears and muscle strains to occur. As an athlete mobility matters.

  • Reduce the Need for Surgery If you've sustained an injury, a doctor might give you some time to go to physical therapy to see if that helps your condition improve. If a physiotherapist can help you heal, the need for surgery is eliminated. If you need surgery, seeing a physiotherapist can help to strengthen your muscles, reducing the amount of time you spend healing after surgery.

  • Improves Your Balance Injuries can cause issues to people's balance, leading to a higher chance of falling and causing additional injuries. If you're at risk for falls, your physiotherapist will provide you with a series of exercises to strengthen your balance over time.

Physiotherapist: How Can They Help Me?

If you’re suffering from a motor vehicle accident or sports injuries, contact Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center to schedule an appointment today. Our skilled team of physiotherapists knows how to help you see improvement with your injury.

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